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Jaguar F-Type

Luxurious, Refined and Exclusive – The Jaguar F-Type British Edition

As uniquely British as afternoon tea and biscuits, Jaguar has doubled down on love of country with its new F-Type British Design Edition. Built on the six-cylinder F-Type S, this patriotic new edition includes a series of upgrades that give this special edition a unique flair. For complete specs of the F-Type available in the USA go ahead and visit the 2016 Jaguar F-Type article. Let Your Flag Fly Buyers will have their choice of red, white or blue for the exterior color and interior contrast stitching, which presents a nice contrast to the black leather interior. The sleek… Read More

2016 Jaguar F-Type

The F-Type is a Jaguar sports car through and through, with its fantastic performance, excellent agility on the road and awesome design. This year the F-Type range is expanding, the all-wheel drive and manual transmission options taking the model choices from six to fourteen. An unbelievable ride, the F-Type represents the best in luxury sports cars from the manufacturer that knows sports cars better than any. The F-Type is also a mature option, with refinement and class that other brands just can’t touch. Get in touch for a test drive today, or read on to discover the many improvements… Read More

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