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Porsche 911

2016 Porsche 911

Despite successfully branching out into other markets, Porsche knows that the heart of its success remains in the iconic 911. The 2016 Porsche 911 is without a doubt one of the finest cars ever made, with impeccable handling, expressive engines, unbeatable customization options and absolute perfection in styling. There are very few places in which the 911 can be improved from its predecessors, and that’s why the Porsche 911 has been simply tweaked and refined in 2016. Of note are the new Targa GTS and GTS RS models that widen an already huge range of 911 configuration options, and… Read More

The Complete Evolution of the Porsche 911

Larger and significantly more refined than the earliest Porsche 911 unveiled in 1963 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the latest Porsche 911 is the newest advancement in the enduring legacy of an unmistakable automotive legend. Let’s take a look at the fascinating evolution of this iconic machine. 911 Classic (1963-1997) The original Porsche 911 evolved from the Porsche 356, derived from the Volkswagen. Offering the capacity of a four-seater, the 911 featured a new chassis and an air-cooled overhead cam flat six making 128 horsepower. Stylishly designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the new model harkened back to the 356’s… Read More

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